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Round Numbers.

3 May 2016

Today is 3000 days of sobriety. Three-thousand days that I went to bed sober, and got up without a hangover. Three-thousand days that I have been able to see clearly and my hands don’t shake. Three-thousand days of being in charge of my faculties. Of being able to contribute. Of being able to experience life. Of being able to confront the wonders and challenges and joys and miseries of life without chemical anesthesia.

Three-thousand days of not doing the thing that became the most important thing in my life. So that I could spend three-thousand days doing the things that matter in life. So that I could spend three-thousand days healthy, and liberated, and alive. Life is good. Even when life is hard, life is good.

I don’t know how many days I get. And I can’t sit here and promise I’ll spend every one of them sober. But I’ve done 3000 in a row, now. And I like my odds for 3001.

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