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Black Flag.

9 May 2016

The Mud Run was canceled due to rising water. It’s one thing to run through mud. It’s another to try to run through four feet of flowing water. I’m disappointed, but I understand the decision. It was a long, hard rain across the entire northeast the last few days, and that meant that all the little tributary creeks were swollen to flood-stage. The event wouldn’t have been possible, much less safe.

So instead, BB and I did a 10 mile hills-and-trails run that was really tough. We ran at basically marathon pace. It was hard but felt good to get the work in. The trail half upcoming, as I mentioned, has a lot of very difficult hills and so whatever training we can get in to prepare is good. Sunday we added in another 3.5 miles with a long difficult hill in it as well, and at a faster pace. I feel like we’re probably as ready as we’ll ever be.

My triathlon training is going reasonably well, I think. So far it’s just not much different from my regular training except that I’m getting in the pool from time to time as well. Based on my last swim time I’ll be one of the slowest out of the water. I don’t care. I have two goals for the swim: (1) don’t drown; (2) finish in time to be allowed on the bike course.

My plans with the house in St. Louis are coming together. Junk removal, garage demolition, plumbing repair. Etc. I think I’ll be able to put the house on the market within a couple weeks. I hope. I just want to get it done fast and easy. And my real estate agent is being a godsend. Anyone who needs a good one in St. Louis should give me a call.

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