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14 May 2016

The house in St. Louis is a total clusterfuck. It “needs” a great deal just to be worth 75% of what I hoped. Yesterday I did a lot of work and today I had the garage knocked down so it wouldn’t fall down. Tomorrow I need to bleach some mold and figure about drylock for the basement. And there may be a title issue.

The greatest thing:

image.jpgI found a bottle! I hid booze all the time as a drunk. This was in the basement, hidden in a crawl space. There was about 3 oz left. I’m sure I was furious wanting a shot many times not knowing this was hidden down there.

It it tells me where I’ve come from. I’m out. I’ve escaped myself and I’m not going back. Soon I will be relieved of this house too. It’ll be done soon enough. And I’ll look forward.

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