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The First Real Brick.

20 May 2016

Today I am doing my first real brick. I’ve done a lot of strength workouts followed by biking or running, and I have to ride my bike to the pool, so when I swim I have a 2 mile bike ride immediately after. But today I’m doing a real brick workout.

When I get home from work, I’m going to ride my bike 12.6 miles (from my house to the bridge and back) and then I’m going to hope off the bike, change shoes, and run for 3.1 miles. This is the distance of a sprint triathlon, minus the 500 meter swim. I’m hoping to finish it all in around 90-100 minutes.

Each exercise alone is pretty straightforward and easy. a 12.6 mile bike ride takes me about 50 minutes. A 3.1 mile run takes me about 30 minutes. Throw in a 5 minute transition and add a few minutes for fatigue, and 90 minutes sounds totally reasonable. If it takes me 100, then I’ll probably have had to walk some, which will tell me something about how hard I need to train in the next two months.

If I double those times and add about 45 minutes for the swim, I’m looking at about a four hour Olympic triathlon. That’s a long day, and hard, especially in late July on the Eastern Seaboard. But I think I’ll be able to finish. That’s my goal. Finish, collect a medal, and then start getting ready for a full marathon in November.

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