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A Day in Rome.

9 November 2012

I have wandered about Rome for about seven hours. Ancient Rome and the Vatican Museum.

When you walk out of the Colosseo Metro stop, the stone edifice hits you like a firehose. It’s bracing, shocking, amazing. Blinding.

The Sistine Chapel is incredible as well, in a very different way. I can’t begin to describe it right now. I have no more brain left. I have melted into Rome. I am puddled.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    12 November 2012 09:34

    Ah! I was having a particularly horrible morning, but hearing you are in Rome somehow lifted my spirits.
    Arrivederci, baby!

  2. Kim permalink
    12 November 2012 21:49

    Marvelous! Can’t wait to hear more

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