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Non-Tenure Track Phone Interview.

4 December 2012

I just got an email requesting that I have a short phone interview with “The Selection Committee” for a non-tenure track position at a large southern university. It’s a 12 month research professorship, meaning soft money, after the startup is done. Soft money sucks, but let’s face it. Even tenure-track positions are de facto soft money these days. Get grants, or fuck right off. That’s the way academia works. But I’m not particularly worried about that. Why should I be right now? That stuff will either happen or it won’t. In the meantime, it’s an amazing privilege to be considered at all.

For about 12 years, I drank as hard as I could every day. I nearly ruined my life. I nearly ruined other people’s lives. I was a suicide drunk, barely able to drag myself from one blank, miserable day to the next. I was horrible and bankrupt. I hated my life, my self, and my circumstances. I didn’t know what to do, where to go. Everything I looked at was shrouded in fear. I was drinking a bottle of hard liquor a day. Sometimes more. I was cutting myself just to bleed.

Today, I am waiting to hear about my recent interview with one of the world’s fine medical centers, who has given me every indication that they are very seriously considering employing me to serve as a leader in their quality improvement efforts. Today, I was asked to interview for a professorship doing health care delivery research at a major, highly respected southern university. Today, I am considered a capable, productive researcher, with potential to offer value to respected departments.

All I did was join AA. Work the steps. Clean house. Take inventory. And carry the message. Work with a sponsor and try to do the right thing, one day after another. Accept failure. Make progress. And not drink, one day at a time. When people tell you AA doesn’t work, try not to laugh right in their faces.

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  1. Syd permalink
    4 December 2012 19:25

    Good to hear about the interview. And yes, it does work, doesn’t it?

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