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15 December 2012

So much happened in a 10 minute period yesterday. At 1:50 pm, I received an email from a university in the southeastern USA requesting a telephone interview for a tenure track position. At 1:55pm I received a call from my contact at PECMC telling me that they are “definitely proceeding” with the position and want to check my references. More on this in a moment. Then, at 2:00pm, I had my interview with LSMS (Large Southern Medical School) about a non-tenure track assistant professorship. So. To unpack.

The interview with LSMS was good, I think, and I feel like it went well. There were three professors on the phone and they asked me about my skills and how it would apply to their environment. The position is half supported on an existing grant about oncology medical homes, and half by the dean. I was told it could be converted to a tenure track position in the event that things were “going swimmingly”. Basically, I assume that means that if after three years I have an R01 or two and four or five really good publications, I might be shifted to a tenure track position. It’s reasonably promising and I was told that I would hear if I made the next cut next week.

The other position is a tenure track position in a school of public health, in health policy and management. I think I would be very challenged by such a position, given that I have no background in health management or policy except that which I’ve taught myself. But my simulations are designed to illuminate issues of health policy and management at the level of clinics and the populations they serve. Micro-policy, as it were. So if they’re interested in that, there’s a chance that I could fit in.

But the big news is about PECMC. My contact told me it was “good news”. Obviously it’s not an offer yet, but I was told that “everyone was very impressed” and they are “definitely proceeding with the position”. I was told that I would be contacted by human resources next week to have my references checked. That should be a formality. I have good references. I was also asked to plan a simulation for some kind of pulmonary study they want to do. It’s a little confusing, I have essentially no information. But I’ll be contacted next week with more info. I almost feel like this is a quiz of some kind, like they already know the right answer and want to see what I come up with. But no matter. There are no right answers in these situations and I’m confident that I can come up with something appropriate.

So. If I am offered, officially, a position by PECMC, I’ll take it. I will then suspend any further exploration. Though part of me is tempted to take interviews with other schools in the meantime just for the experience of giving job-talks. Though that’s probably not honest and not appropriate. I’m very, very hopeful. After the interview, I felt like it was about 50/50 that I’d get an offer. Today, I feel it’s about 90/10. But I could be wrong. Is there any way to get Nate Silver on this?

So. Good news. I think it’s very likely that I will be able to find work somewhere by the new academic year. And there’s a really good chance that it’ll be an absolute dream job, in East Coast City, at Prestigious East Coast Medical Center. A glittering fantasy-scape of excitement. I am hopeful today. Which is a glorious luxury in a world otherwise gone irretrievably mad.

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  1. 15 December 2012 15:49

    I am SO excited for you! Keeping my fingers crossed but it sounds like you’re on the downslope now. šŸ™‚

  2. 15 December 2012 16:06

    Yay!! Can’t wait to see how things unfold in the coming weeks!

  3. 15 December 2012 21:46

    Best wishes for success!

  4. 17 December 2012 19:32

    Wow I only read this post now, but congrats! That’s so much good news! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  5. 17 December 2012 22:13

    Thanks everyone!

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