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Legal Matters.

21 January 2013

Today I have the day off of work for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I’m using it to, among other things (like watching Obama’s second inaugural address), go through my important legal documents and make sure that I have everything I need for the move in one safe place. This means the deed to my house. My divorce. The title to my car. My passport.

Going through my file cabinet is odd. It was half-populated during my drunk days. Half by my ex-wife. Half during sobriety. But I never actually went through and cleaned it out. Even in sobriety, official paperwork frightens and confuses me. I’m not good at administrative things. But some things simply have to be handled correctly. I have a deed and associated quit-claim to my house. I need to have those things, so that when I sell the house, I can do so legally and correctly. I have to have those things. There’s no other option. If I want to travel abroad, I have to have my passport. If I want to sell my car, I have to have its title.

The gift of sobriety is that I have is that I can look dead-on into the face of my fears and discover that they have only the power that I give them.

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  1. LawnBoy permalink
    21 January 2013 12:32

    We have the really important documents like the ones you mention here in a Bank Safe Deposit Box.

    • 21 January 2013 12:37

      That’s almost certainly the better way to do things. Though, even if I did have them there, I’d have to get them out for a move to another city.

      • LawnBoy permalink
        21 January 2013 12:45

        Sure, but at least you would be keeping them safer and separate from less-important files.

        I hope that ECC has banks.

      • 21 January 2013 12:47

        I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. I’ll keep them all in a dry sack that says: “ordinary paper.”

  2. becca permalink
    21 January 2013 12:50

    Being a grown-up sucks!

  3. Penelope permalink
    21 January 2013 13:05

    That just reminded me that I should be doing taxes and very nearly made me break out in hives. Thanks a lot. Take a break and focus on your appreciation that all of your little honey colored nieces and nephew are growing up in a time that they are most likely to be judged on the content of their character. Then go ahead and get back to work.

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