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The State of Things.

15 February 2013

Well, my stuff, supposedly, gets here tomorrow. I’m going to a department store later today to pick up a trash can and a throw rug and those little things you set your furniture on to protect hardwood floors.

I still have no Internet and the electronics in my house, the laundry and the thermostat, are strange. I have big east-facing windows, but a large building blocks the sun most of the day.

I’ve been to two meetings. I just keep saying: “I’m new here, and I’m scared, and I’m lonely.” I cry a lot. I’m an emotional guy, that’s not surprising. I cry at especially touching telephone commercials.

Blogging from my phone in coffee shops is less than pleasant. So I’ll keep it short. I’m excited for my stuff to get here tomorrow and terrified for the state of my piano. But a trip to the Steinway store has alleviated my fears a bit. I think I’ll be able to get it in. And if not, I have a contingency plan. It’s unsatisfying, but I think it’s workable. We’ll see.

Life is big and scary sometimes. Moving, changing jobs, and divorce are supposedly some of the biggest stressors in life. I did the last if those two and a half years ago. I’m doing the other two right now. I’m surviving. I’m sober. I’m as sane as I think I can be. Life isn’t so bad. It’s going to be pretty good starting soon.

I’m alive. I’m in ECC. I’m starting at PECMC soon. And so it’s time for a change. Now that I’m going to be working there, “P” isn’t appropriate anymore. From now on, I will call it “MECMC”.

Ok. Wish me luck. Or something.

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  1. 15 February 2013 08:47

    Good luck and keep us posted on the piano! Enjoy your time off if you can.

  2. 15 February 2013 12:33

    Good luck. I’m sure soon it’ll feel like home and you’ll be more settled.

  3. Kim permalink
    15 February 2013 19:11

    Good luck! And good choices, which you’re clearly making. Suggestion,, grab a newcomer. Nothing helps me as much as at least attempting to help another alcoholic. The outcome doesn’t matter.

  4. Syd permalink
    16 February 2013 20:56

    Glad that you found the meetings. So good to be among those who understand as few others can.

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