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A First Lunch.

5 March 2013

Today I’m having lunch with my soon-to-be new bosses. The woman who was my first contact at MECMC and the man who, along with her, conducted my first interview. I’m having lunch at my request. A good friend of mine has been helping me get settled, sort of. She lives in Seattle and has been talking me through the move and living in a new city, which she’s done many times. One piece of advice, that I’d never have thought of, was that I invite future co-workers out for lunch. In fact, she broke down the things I should do into about four categories: personal, cultural, social, and professional. She recommended I do something for my physical/mental health, explore ECC’s cultural institutions, go on dates or out to dinner with people I know/meet in ECC, and contact my future co-workers and try to make pre-job connections.

And I’ve done all those things now. I’ve visited the Art Museum and seen a string quartet, and I have tickets to another later this month. I’ve been out on a date or two, I’ve been walking at least 5 miles a day, and I’ve even used my building’s gym. I’ve been working out at night in my apartment (though not especially vigorously). I’m going to the ballet this weekend! And now I’m having lunch with my new bosses. And it’s been important to do these things. They’ve gotten me engaged with the city, and now hopefully with my new colleagues.

And I’m not sure exactly what the structure is at MECMC. Or where I’ll fit into it. And based on her condition during my interview, I’m almost certain that the chief of my department, a level or two above me, is now on maternity leave, so things might be in flux for everyone. But I’m not going to make today’s lunch about work. I’m just going to relax, talk to them like a colleague, and try to keep things light. I’m excited to be starting soon, grateful for my vacation, and looking forward to diving in to my new life here. It’s exciting. I have a new life here. There’s so much to do!

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  1. 5 March 2013 11:37

    Wow, you’re friend is smart! Great work getting settled in ECC!

  2. Syd permalink
    5 March 2013 12:30

    Sounds like you are easing into life there and adjusting well.

  3. 5 March 2013 16:11

    You are getting some wise advice there!

  4. pprfldr permalink
    9 March 2013 08:50

    i suck at such strategy but it’s a good thing… i’m gonna follow your friend’s advice too.

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