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14 March 2013

Well, my long vacation is almost over. Having taken five weeks off between jobs, my position at MECMC starts Monday. I’m starting to get a little nervous. But I’m also feeling ready. It’s the kind of nervousness born of anticipation, rather than of fear. Yes it’s a major change. But it’s one I’m trained and prepared for. I’ve had a month here in ECC to prepare myself for living and working in this city. I’ve done that. Today I even got my new driver’s license.

I feel a tiny bit strange. There was a question on the application for the driver’s license that said (paraphrased), “Have you been arrested for an offence that may possibly result in your license being revoked or suspended?” I checked “No”. First of all, the circumstances around my DUI were such that my license could not be revoked. Second, the question was phrased in such a way as to make it sound as though the possible suspension was still pending. Meaning, it was designed to prevent anyone from getting a license in my new state if their old state was in the process of suspending their license. But I also wonder if perhaps they just want to know if I had ever been arrested for any offense for which the penalty could possibly have been a suspended license. There’s certainly wiggle room. But I don’t know if I ought to be looking for room in which to wiggle.

I want to spend tonight and tomorrow working up some of my ideas for how to manage projects so that I have a few things prepared and don’t sound like I’m a goddamned idiot on my first day. I’m excited and nervous and happy and a little manic. I’m vaguely regretting that I didn’t travel internationally during this time, but frankly, it felt like more work to go on an international vacation than to stay here. And I needed to be here and do a bunch of things. And I’ve done all the things now. I’m ready to begin.

I also reached out to a professor at a local Big Fancy University about possibly doing mentored internships or lecturing or something. We’ll see if he responds. It would be exciting to have a contact there. And of course, I’m going to angle, eventually, for an adjunct position. My adjunct professorship at ECU expires in June of 2014, and will almost certainly not be renewed. The project is done. I’d like to maintain some kind of academic affiliation. My position at MECMC is sufficient for my ego, of course, but that university title is definitely compelling.

I gotta say. Life is good. I have ideas that are being supported by a great institution where I can do work I trained for. In a city that I am rapidly coming to love.

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  1. Mona permalink
    14 March 2013 18:29

    It will be fun to read all about the new job. I can’t wait!

  2. 14 March 2013 19:48

    🙂 It has been so fun and nice and comforting to watch your move and settling into a new city. It makes me slightly less nervous about moving in a couple of years. Thanks for tweeting and blogging about it.

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