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A Tiny Grant?

20 May 2013

There’s an opportunity for some local (but not internal) funds to submit for a tiny health care grant. It’s $10,000. While my job here is not about getting funding, this opportunity came out of the blue, and my boss’s boss is interested in going for it. I have to submit the one-page proposal on Friday. No salary support, which is just as well. That kind of money doesn’t go far if it needs to go for salary.

My job isn’t very research-y. But if I can submit for this, and get it, then maybe I can help shift the vision of my position more over toward research. Or, at the least, I would be able to demonstrate that I continued to seek and get funding in the event that I decide in the future to focus more on an academic position. Though, for the moment, and for the forseeable future, I’m very happy where I am.

Nevertheless, I’m excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate my expertise in a venue that my office hasn’t traditionally participated in. If I can succeed here, it may open up new doors for me in a way that is really exciting. So, wish me luck. I have 5 days to dream up, write, and submit a grant. And figure out, what do I want to spend money on that isn’t already available to me? One really nice thing about MECMC: they provide me with everything I can possibly imagine needing.

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  1. iGrrrl permalink
    20 May 2013 09:34

    I would ignore this question,”And figure out, what do I want to spend money on that isn’t already available to me?”, unless it is a requirement of the grant. You’re selling a new idea, not a need for supplies. You could demonstrate not only successful grantsmanship, but also some insight as to how you think and how you might see the potential research directions were you to move into a position to influence such things. Also, you have everything you want to do what the MECMC wants you to do, but is there a budget for what you want to do? That $10K means something to someone somewhere.

    Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “demonstrate my expertise in a venue that my office hasn’t traditionally participated in.” Expertise in grantsmanship, or in an area of research interest that is in line with MECMC’s priorities (and the potential funders), or both?

    In either event, go for it!

    • 20 May 2013 09:45

      Yes, meaning grantsmanship and seeking funding. My office, not being involved in research until now, hasn’t had experience pursuing funding, which I have. And I would make myself immediately more valuable if I can demonstrate the ability to collect external funding.

      But also, my type of research is new to MECMC (and most hospital environments).

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