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Testing the Podcast Waters?

29 July 2013

You may not know that I’ve already recorded a couple of simple podcasts. I will add to the offerings there as I speak at more AA meetings. But I’m also interested in doing a series of podcasts on alcoholism and addiction. I’m not entirely sure what it would entail yet, but I’m imagining recording a discussion with an addiction researcher, perhaps in a gchat format, in order to ask:

(1) What is the current state of addiction research?

(2) What does your research address?

(3) Why do you think there’s a gulf between research, treatment, and recovery?

(4) How can we translate addiction research to improved outcomes?

(5) How should we measure recovery?

I’d also like to talk to other addicts in recovery. What worked for you? How do you feel about efforts to build an evidence-base for addiction treatment? AA members often dismiss scientific efforts to approach addiction; why is this? And I’d like to talk to others whose lives are affected by addicts and alcoholics. How does addiction affect you?

So, if you’re a regular reader, please tell me, does this interest you? Would you listen to or watch a discussion of this kind? If you’re an addiction researcher, would you participate in a podcast like this? Would you consent to an on-the-record but casual and supportive interview about your science and the state of addiction research? If you’re in recovery, or if you are a family member or friend of someone with this disease (whether they’re in recovery or not), would you come on and talk about your experience, strength, and hope? Would you discuss what you think about systematic investigations of addiction?

I’m just taking the temperature here. Not sure anything will come of it. But I’d like to know what people think.

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  1. Kelly permalink
    31 July 2013 19:22

    As someone who has been affected by an addict or two in my life, I would be interested to listen to something like this.

  2. Jeff permalink
    3 August 2013 20:16

    is is a good idea and is a great way to do the patient component of PCORI. I am a site pi for a PCORI application and patient partners with research ideas are required. Maybe contact PCORI and ask as a alcoholic in recovery how u can link up with applicants in this disorder

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