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Mixed Results.

30 September 2013

As I’ve written many times, my main fitness goal is to avoid diabetes. I went to my new physician here in ECC, and had my blood numbers run. They just came back. The good news? My cholesterol was the best it’s been in years. Total 189, and a 122/55 LDL/HDL split. The bad news? My A1c, a number which measures blood sugar levels over about a three month average, was 6.0. That’s at the absolute top of the normal range, trending towards not good (higher is worse). Though my fasting glucose was 79, which is also the best it’s been in years.

Now, over the past three months I’ve been running less, and eating more sugar. I’ve put on about 5-10 lbs from my low weight. In short, I’ve been lazy. Part of me wonders if I let the really good numbers from the spring influence me: “I’m doing great, I can slack off!” Well, nope. Time to rededicate. Get back on my horse and run. Drop the weight. Lift some weights. Quit eating the little bag of potato chips at lunch (that’s 1000 cal/wk I don’t need).

So. Time to work.

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  1. Syd permalink
    30 September 2013 15:48

    I think that it’s a mind set about what to eat and what to avoid. I tend not to crave sugar or junk food. But I do love pasta so I force myself to avoid it.

    • 1 October 2013 06:11

      Unfortunately, that kind of will power assertion doesn’t really work for me. I need to refram my attitude towards healthfulness.

  2. 2 October 2013 07:13

    I’m in the same boat. I was at peak health a year ago, and although still in great shape for “a woman of my age,” I need to get back on the horse, as you say.

    A big fat goal on the horizon has always worked for me. Registering for a race will usually do it. I work for carrots, and not for the avoidance of sticks!

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