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1 November 2013

It is, somehow, November. I don’t remember this happening. So very much is going on that it’s a little mad here. My house buying is coming along nicely. I have selected a house, and the limited partnership that owns it and I have agreed on a price for its sale. Tomorrow I am having the inspection. I am expecting it to go well for two reasons: first, the house is fairly young (built in the 1970’s), and second, I let the real estate agent choose the inspector. Which probably means it’s a shady back-deal of some kind, preordained to give a good inspection. Which is why I will be walking through, asking questions, and just generally putting my ancient civil engineering training to use.

The house is, objectively, bigger than I need. But I think beyond its utility, it’s an excellent investment. I hope. Decent and improving part of town. New investment in jobs in the area. Lots of housing being put in. An upscale restaurant across the street. I’m told that only 10 years ago it was a fairly dicey area, but that since the big real-estate bubble it’s dramatically improved. Sadly, of course, what a lot of people mean when they say “improved” is “got whiter”. But the neighborhood is still very multicultural.

My relationship is flourishing is wonderful and exciting ways. We’ve been together more than six months now. It is real and exciting. I don’t have the right words for it. Not here. But life has gotten brighter and softer at the same time, clearer and more hopeful. There is a deep ease juxtaposed with a kind of blinding cardiac voltage; intimacy, adrenaline, discovery. Convalescence for a heart deeply scarred, but if I may say, resilient.

My sobriety is being nourished. My working life is going well. I am about to go on a brief, international vacation. I have several days off planned upcoming (vacation, house closing, holiday time off).  And I’m planning a two-week vacation in March far, far away. All of these are very, very good things. What a world this is, when I am sober to participate in it.

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  1. Syd permalink
    1 November 2013 09:57

    I’m glad that all is going so well. And great news about the house.

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