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20 December 2013

It all got done. For a long moment on Wednesday, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t. But it did. The seller got their shit together, got the paperwork handled, and now I own 20% of a lovely row home in a nice, burgeoning neighborhood of ECC. I don’t yet know precisely when I’m going to move. I have some time left on my lease, so I can do it in a leisurely way if I need to. Right now I’m wishing I had a car. I need to make various plans, etc., and then go get them done.

One of my coworkers is leaving and needs to get rid of a desk and a bed. I think I’ll take them. I have a lot of space to fill in my new home. It’s not a huge place, about 1500 sqft, of which at least 200 is not really usable living space (a third-floor hallway and 1.5th and 2.5th stairwell landing). The only really large area is the enormous kitchen/dining room area which probably measures 12.5″x16″. It’s not quite a real square, but it’s open and comfortable. I’m not going to have a real dining room, of course. There’s a perfectly-sized alcove for the piano, and I’ll put a couple of small chairs or a bench, and it’ll be a nice sitting area.

The really important part is that it has miraculous bathrooms. That’s what I really wanted. A place for the piano, and good bathrooms. Now I just need to move. Again. I can do this. And now, with vast debt hanging over me, I guess I’d better get to work.

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  1. Syd permalink
    21 December 2013 21:34

    Great news! I am really happy for you.

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