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Running Again.

26 June 2014

Well, now I’ve done it. I’ve signed up to run a second half-marathon, this time in Philadelphia. My time in Pittsburgh was 2:38. I wrote that I’m estimating I’ll make it in at 2:25 in Philadelphia. I have no idea if that’s reasonable or ambitious or even if I should think about time. My only goal is to finish, and stay injury free. And of course, my real design is to be fit, and stay non-diabetic.

I’ve been doing well on the weight/fitness side of things. Turns out that soul-crushing anxiety is good for my waistline. All the problems with the house I bought are ruining my appetite. I’m heating healthy, but I’m not eating much. I’m down just below 180 in the mornings now (though I think my scale reads a little light). And that’s great by me. Hell, I’d love to be 160 and need another whole new wardrobe.

In any case, I’m going to go run another goddamned half a marathon, and that’s probably a good thing. I didn’t really train the way you’re “supposed to” for the last one. I just did a lot of walking, a lot of hiking around Asia carrying a 40 lbs pack, and a bunch of short runs and a couple of slightly longer ones as the race approached. That got me to the point where I could jog 13.1 miles without stopping and only mildly injure my left foot.

As before, my partner is going to run with me. And my sponsor might just make the trip as well. My sponsor in St. Louis was a bicyclist, riding 100,000 miles in about 30 years. My sponsor here in ECC is a runner and cyclist. He’s a few years older than me, but he’s faster than me, and fitter than me. But there’s no competition. I’m on my own path, and I like the path I’m on. It feels healthy. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I feel healthy right now. Even when I’m facing all this anxiety.

I leave for London Sunday, where I’m going to go to a meeting with furtheron, and seeing a couple of dear old friends in Reading, and hopefully meeting up with @babyattachmode in Cambridge. It’s thrilling and exciting and I’m in a good place. Even if I can think myself into a bad place. All this wonder is enchanting, and I am enchanted to be here.


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  1. Syd permalink
    29 June 2014 15:44

    Nice. Enjoy London and your friends.

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