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Musings and Anxieties.

19 September 2014

I had a great final training run. 6.7 miles, 67 minutes. Dead on 10:01 minutes per mile. Makes me quite happy to be there. I’ll be aiming for a slightly slower pace for the half marathon Sunday. My goal is to get in between a 10:30 and 11:00 min/mi pace. That corresponds to a total time of about 2:25:00, or a little faster. I am excited for the race and I think I’ll be in good shape for it. I’ll post a post-race picture of the medal.

In general, of course, my real fitness goals haven’t changed. Don’t get diabetes. Don’t have a stroke in my late 50s like my dad. Look decent naked. Be able to go hiking and traveling in my 70s and 80s. Stay healthy and physically effective through middle age. Stay mentally sharp. The sorts of things that being physically active and moderately athletic allow a person to do. I’m on course. I’m doing the things that I have to do to get to where I want to be and that feels good.

But I am sitting on some anxiety today too. My mom will be meeting me in Philadelphia for the race. Which means she’ll be meeting BB. Introducing partners to parents is always nerve-wracking. This is no exception. But BB is kind and outgoing. Mom likes me. There’s every reason to think it will go well. But that doesn’t prevent my mind from worrying.

All things considered, all is well. The position description for my promotion is being sent to HR. I should find out hopefully by the end of October if I’m getting promoted. This would be an excellent thing, and even though it would not actually mean much in the way of financial benefits, it would be a remarkably positive development for my ego.

I’m taking Monday off of work and going to New York for a funeral. Then mom and I are meeting several old friends for dinner. And then I come back to ECC and crashing. I expect it to be a good, but full and emotionally tiring weekend. I think the long run will be just the thing I need to make it through. With my new and electrifying partner step-for-step at my side.

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  1. Syd permalink
    22 September 2014 11:23

    Just catching up here. Been following you on Twitter. Life has been crazy busy for me. Run well, my friend.

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