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Home from Bermuda!

1 December 2014

For the second year in a row, I spent Thanksgiving in Bermuda with BB. Four days of balmy weather and sunny skies and tooling around on a little death machine. Friday, having rented the little scooter less than three hours earlier, I took a turn badly and down we went. I took the brunt of the fall. Luckily BB landed sort of mostly on top of me. She scraped her hand and both knees. I tore up my left knee, and earned some kind of deep scratch on my right shin. Scraped an elbow.

The luckiest part for me was that though my chin hit the ground pretty hard, my reasonably thick winter beard meant that I only suffered a bruise, and didn’t leave my face on the tarmac. A few scratches to my nose and some bruising hidden by my beard. I managed to elbow myself in the ribs, which has resulted in dull pain whenever I breathe deeply. I figure it’ll all heal soon enough.

But the things we saw were still amazing! Bermuda is glorious, and late November is a great time to go. We saw the Crystal Caves:


And a lovely spot called “Blue Hole”:


And we took the ferry from Hamilton to the Dockyards:


And explored the most glorious beachy nature yard:




And finally, of course, my knee, below the fold, for those of you not good with blood.



What fun! We did have a lovely time despite the accident. I feel more shame than anything about it. I was responsible for BB’s safety while piloting that thing, and I failed. But it didn’t end up with serious harm. And we may well go on back next Thanksgiving. But maybe next year, BB drives.

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  1. jenny permalink
    1 December 2014 09:42

    Didn’t even read it because it can’t be true. if you were home you would have responded to the hilarious texts i sent while you were away

  2. 1 December 2014 13:08

    Sounds like a lovely time apart from the crash and pain!

  3. 3 December 2014 09:20


  4. Syd permalink
    7 December 2014 11:33

    Nasty road rash. Not done that since I was a kid. Glad that you both had a great time. I will have to get back to Bermuda someday–maybe sailing there.

  5. meri permalink
    12 December 2014 14:44

    So sorry about the untimely accident. 😦 Your photos are always wonderful. 🙂

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