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2 February 2015

In less than two weeks I’m winging my way on this year’s vacation. BB and I are keeping the destination under wraps for now. Over on twitter we’ll post pictures and let people guess where we are. I’m really looking forward to the time off. We took a long weekend over Thanksgiving and went to Bermuda, regular readers will recall, but that was a brief trip and involved a major scooter crash. I’m really looking forward to a proper getaway for nine nights.

For the past month I feel like I’ve been focusless and rootless at work. I’m unmotivated and sluggish, and not giving even remotely close to my best efforts. I need time to recharge, to go explore a new place again. To be with my partner and not have to worry about the ticking clock for a few days. Living long-distance is sub-ideal, but for the most part we make it work. It just involves a lot of longing and travel. BB will be coming to ECC the night before the flight, so we’ll have ten full days together.

I don’t feel like working. I don’t feel like writing. I don’t feel like thinking. I’m tired and stupid and slow. I just want to ease into a nice vacation. Strap on my rucksack, lace up my boots, and find someplace I’ve never been and be there for a while. Ride a train. Climb a hill. Wash myself in saltwater. Forget.

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  1. Harlow permalink
    2 February 2015 11:15

    I envy your having a partner.

    • 2 February 2015 11:18

      I’m sorry it’s a subject of envy, Uncle Harlow. But I’m glad you’re still here and reading!

  2. Syd permalink
    8 February 2015 14:35

    I get it. I used to crave the time off for even a few days.

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