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22 June 2015

I’ve been writing here less lately, but not because I haven’t been writing. I am, as I wrote a month or so ago, doing some writing of the sort that doesn’t get slung up on the internet right away. We’ll see where it goes. But I’m enjoying myself. I have ideas about getting a book published, which would be really exciting. I’d like to try. And so I’m clicking words on a screen and seeing where I get. So far it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve had to do a lot of poorly-thought-through internet research.

So that’s where I’ve been investing my writing efforts lately. Things at work are going well. My boss’s boss – who I think is now just my boss, given that my actual boss moved on and hasn’t been replaced, and might not be – returns from maternity leave next week.  We’ll see. The spring has not been an especially productive season for me, but now that it’s summer I think I’ll be moving forward faster. My next project is almost ready for deployment, and I’m looking forward to learning some cool things about our emergency department. We have some major institutional benchmarks we have to hit in the fall and I’m excited to be a part of it.

I’m still trying to decide where I’m going and what I’m doing for my vacation in August while BB is in Iceland. Recommendations gladly accepted!

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  1. sally greaves permalink
    23 June 2015 02:28

    Hmm – what about Aspen? Should be reallynice in August – lots of hiking/running trails and not exactly a metropolis. You could test yourself out at altitude:-)

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