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Taking a Day.

28 July 2015

I had a great weekend with my old friend from St. Louis, Jimmy Legs, visiting. We went to a soccer game and the art museum and we just sort of generally hung out. And we walked and walked and walked. BB was here this weekend too, and so we also did our training runs. 11.2 miles on Saturday, and 3.3 on Sunday. So, 14.5 miles running. And 45.5 miles walking over the four day Friday-Monday stretch. And an hour-long strength and conditioning workout on Sunday.

And so yesterday afternoon I was cooked. I had to beg off my training run. Well, I don’t know if I had to, but I did. I was exhausted, and sore. So I was scheduled to do five miles yesterday and instead I didn’t run at all. I still got in more than 9 miles walking. But no running. There’s just only so much I can do, and if I need an extra day, I’m taking it. Today I have a training session with my personal trainer, and then I will try to add on the run after.

I have taken to riding my bike for an hour after my training session. So I think a nice slow five mile run should also be possible. It’ll be hot, but I don’t think it’s crazy to try to do the run today. I’ll see how I feel. There’s a long way to go in training, and skipping a day is not unreasonable. Rest is crucial to good performance. But I also need to get in my short runs if I’m going to be fit for the long ones.

So I don’t know what I’ll do this afternoon yet. But I’ll get my mileage in.

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