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Beginning the Fall Right.

8 September 2015

Well, another weekend, and another personal distance record. These are going to become commonplace over the next two months. On Saturday, BB and I ran 18.1 miles. It took us about 3 hours and 20 minutes. That’s an 11 minute per mile pace. I actually wish that were a bit faster. We’re looking at nearly a five hour marathon at that speed. And we’d have eight more miles to go while keeping up that pace. It’s going to be hard.

But a few things are working in our favor. First, we have about six weeks left to get fitter. We’re working hard at it. The cross training is crucial to building cardiovascular capacity, and the strength training helps with core-fitness and supplemental muscles which reduce the risk of injury and can function to support the major muscle groups when they get fatigued. And working in crosstraining allows the big running muscles to rest without sacrificing fitness-building effort the way a total rest day does.

Sunday was a fun day of general activity. While BB did her grueling weight routine, I swam 1000 yards in the pool (about 0.58 miles) and then did about half an hour of strength training myself. After that we did a slow, waddling 3.2 mile recovery run. And then later in the afternoon we went on a 12 mile bike ride. So, in my case, I did the equivalent of a sprint triathlon, which would have taken me about 2 hours.

Returning to work Tuesday morning, I discover that I have had a small paper accepted to a well-known but non-glamorous medical journal. I’m very pleased. It’s been about 8 months of on-again, off-again work to get it out there. We sent it to a more glamorous journal first, and got a very tentative revise and resubmit, but they were unhappy with our revision. Now, we’ve managed to get it into a perfectly respectable journal which has published me before.

So it’s not a bad way to start the fall. I’m wearing a new jacket. I’ve just had a paper accepted. I had an excellent recreational weekend. And I’m a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Feels pretty good.

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