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The Taper.

7 October 2015

Well we did it. We made it through to the taper. The taper is the period before the marathon where you ease up. From here on out, it’s hard to gain any fitness that will be relevant to the race. I’m as fit as I’m going to be. So now we relax and take to foot off the throttle so that we don’t get injured in the last couple of weeks leading up to the event. It’d be terrible to push hard all the way to the end and get a stress fracture and not be able to compete. We want to be ready and rested and on the way to our goal in 18 days.

So this week I have 10 more miles to run and then a 14 mile long run on Saturday. Our last long run was 21.3 miles last Saturday. That was a lot of work. At one point, going up a steep hill and talking at the same time, right at the 13 mile mark, I got dizzy and lightheaded and let myself tumble to the grass. I made a controlled-crash landing rather than try to stay upright and risk passing out and falling hard. BB gave me some salt, and I had some water and some calories and I felt better in 30 seconds, and finished the run. Eight more miles without a hitch.

Our pace, with several stops and road-crossings, etc., was down to 11:28. I expect we’ll be faster come the race day. But even if we aren’t, we’ll have done it, and I’ll be happy. I’m not afraid or ashamed to be slow. I just want to make it. And I think I can make it. I’m eager to pit myself against the road for 26.2 miles and see how I fare. I ran for more than four hours on Saturday. I’ll run for almost five in a couple weeks. I’m a little scared but very excited.

I’m hoping to feel something transformative. Drunk, smoker, obese. And now soon, none of those things. And a marathoner. How will that feel? I don’t know. Probably anticlimactic. My half marathon was a little. I’ll just wait and see. The beauty of recovery is that I get to allow myself to feel things in the moment, however they feel, rather than obliterating them with ethanol. I’m excited to see how this feels. This is my next big thing.

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