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Two Days Left.

23 October 2015

Well, the marathon is Sunday. All the training is done. All the time has slipped by. From the disappointment of missing the lottery to the excitement of my Aunt Julie getting me a Race Director’s exemption. The miles and miles and miles of runs. I wrote a training plan based on things I’d seen online. It’s my own plan, written just for BB and me. With the sole goal of getting us to the point where we can finish this run. Twenty-six miles, three hundred and eighty-five yards.

I didn’t run the plan perfectly, but I got in all my miles – 475.3 of them – one day after another. In addition, I averaged a day-and-a-half each week at the gym, and rode my bike some 299 miles during the same period. And I managed to put on seven pounds. Because of all the rationalization of food splurges. In fact just now I had a huge piece of cake.


My last workout before the race was a 12.6 mile bike ride yesterday, at a good clip. I finished it in 53 minutes. About as much work as a five mile run. I’ve made my weekend plans. I know my tasks. I know what my race plan is. I’m ready to go. I’m nervous, but not scared. I’m excited. I want to finish. I want to finish strong. This matters to me. I want to be its equal.

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  1. Syd permalink
    24 October 2015 10:45

    Good luck with it. I am glad you are doing it. That is a great accomplishment.

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