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Sort of!

23 November 2015

Well, updated stats edged me out of the top half of men. But I’m still *just* in the top half of men 40-44. So, compared with my closest peers, I’m better than average.

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  1. 23 November 2015 19:19

    If you consider that your peers are adult males 40-44, who drank alcoholically for a decade or more and smoked a pack a day for years – I think you are WAY above average.

    I’m truly impresse because I have been reading you since you were still smoking, still overweight, and still very very unhappy. You make my heart glad.

  2. aimee permalink
    23 November 2015 21:39

    I’m with Mary – remember you aren’t being compared to all American males – you’re being compared to people who run MARATHONS.

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