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Two Last Days.

29 December 2015

Well, 2015 is coming to a close. Two more days and then we start a new year. This was a good year. I had some big challenges, there was change, but mostly, I succeeded at what I set out to do, and I feel like I made progress on my major life goals and relationships. The coming year will see more challenges and new hurdles. And presumably new growth and new dreams. But right now isn’t the time for me to look forward. I want to look at this year a bit.

Once again, I spent the year sober. And once again, it didn’t feel like a challenge. I’m grateful for that. I know what it’s like to struggle to be sober, or worse, to struggle to not be too drunk too often. I don’t want to be complacent, but I’m deeply thankful for sobriety being part of the basic bedrock of my life now. Sobriety is the frame, so that my life can be the picture. I know I’m still learning to paint. But my frame looks decent these days.

At work, I was promoted again. I hired a new analyst. I published four papers (I think), and have another under review. I’m learning a new aspect to my trade, managing. I’ve learned that managing and supervising are both skills, and distinct ones. Supervising – and mentoring – I’m pretty good at. Managing is an entirely different animal. It’s difficult and foreign. But I’m learning fast.

In my relationship, well, I’m learning how to be in a loving, stable relationship with a person who’s sane and reasonable. That’s a new thing for me too. I’ve been with sane women before, but I wasn’t capable of participating. And my marriage, well, no need to rehash it here. Neither of us were well-suited to a long term stable relationship then. It’s a relief to be healthier, and a gratifying challenge to stay that way and continue to grow.

In my fitness, I really blossomed. If tomorrow goes as planned, I’ll have run more than 1200 miles this year, according to my GPS. Which probably actually means 1160, but the GPS rounds up, so I’m rounding up. I will have averaged 100 miles a month for a year. I ran four half marathons, a full marathon, and a 10K. I rode my bike another 500+ miles. I went to the gym about twice a week. I didn’t lose an ounce, but I’m stronger and faster and healthier.

So all in all, unless something terrible happens in the last two days, 2015 was a major success. If 2016 is as good, I’ll be fortunate indeed.

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