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Selling the House.

11 January 2016

I am really tired of my house. So tired of my house that I’m going to sell it. I had a lot of difficult things happen that made me not want to live there any more. Now, everything is fixed. And the neighborhood had really improved and I expect to be able to make a little money. Not a lot. I’m just ready to go. Finding another place to live will be daunting but I’ve already looked at some places that look manageable.

I’m tired of having trouble figuring out where to be in ECC. In St. Louis, I had no trouble. I had a house. It was a good house. That was all I needed. In ECC it’s been a struggle. It’s such a different city. But I’ll figure it out. Probably. Sigh.

I’m a little frustrated with the disclosure forms. I had some problems with the house that are all fixed now. But it looks like I have to disclose them anyway. I wish I didn’t. It doesn’t seem right that you have to disclose things that aren’t problems anymore. But the form is unambiguous, so I will. Even though real estate agents always try to get you to lie on those forms. “It’ll be a little tougher to sell if you disclose that.” They never outright say: “Don’t disclose” but they make it clear that they don’t want you to.

I’ve decided to apply sobriety rules. Rigorous honesty and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe I’ll make a little less money, or it’ll take a little longer. So what. I’m going to move forward in life. It’s time to live somewhere else.



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  1. Aimee permalink
    11 January 2016 12:22

    Good luck. Funny I just talked to a real estate agent this morning about the Ballard house.

  2. 12 January 2016 07:03

    Good luck with it all

    • 12 January 2016 07:07

      Btw stick to the honesty route… With some of us that’s a bonus. When I sold a house 20 years ago there was a problem with the floor in the bathroom my buyer saw it and commented. I got it fixed he came back to view before the final deal and was taken aback I’d done it. Sale was super quick after that

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