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Smack Dab in the Middle.

22 January 2016

There’s a big storm bearing down on the northeast and I’m somewhere right in the middle. Big snows expected. And in the middle of it I’ve come down with a winter cold. My sinuses and head are clogged like a Scottish toilet. Luckily, I bought enough Sudafed to recreate most of the important scenes in Breaking Bad, and now I’m feeling a little better. I stayed home from work today, but I do have a big meeting to go to. I’ll head in for the 2 hour meeting where I’m expected to sit there and be pretty. Hopefully I won’t sniffle too much.

Then I’ll stop by my desk to send myself some docs I need to hunker down and write this weekend. I’ve got a paper to finish before it’s due on the 31st. I’d like to get some kind of exercise in but it’ll doubtless be hard. Sickness plus more than a foot of snow equals tough to get the work in. I’d been hoping to get a bunch of house visits this weekend, but the weather means that it’s probably a total loss from that perspective.

Brain is foggy. But life is good. I’m actually glad for the snow. I like a good snow once or twice a year. And the temps are supposed to come up later next week, which means it’ll be all gone soon. My other paper is ready for resubmission. I’m excited about it and frustrated that it’s taken this long, mostly due to my own indolence. But hopefully it will be accepted this time. Good journal. Good work. Exciting project.

I did manage to get a little run in for 4 miles. I’ve been taking it easier these last few months. I need to get back at it. But overall, I feel good and strong and healthy when I’m not sick. You know. Ugh.

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  1. Mark Goodson permalink
    23 January 2016 10:26

    Good luck on your submission.
    Got hit hard here. I was planning on trudging to a meeting, then the meeting got cancelled. Stuck inside but sober!

  2. Syd permalink
    27 January 2016 09:29

    Looks like your area got hammered. Lots of people suffering from this huge storm.

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