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Spring Race Plans.

17 February 2016

I’m getting excited for my spring races. BB and I have three half marathons already on the docket. The Virginia Beach half, The Philly Love Run, and a trail half-marathon in rural Pennsylvania. That one each in March, April, and May. The trail half will be our first, and I’m excited for it. I expect that last to be a difficult 3-4 hour run through rivers and hills and swamps. Trail running is difficult both physically and mentally, but I’m excited to give it a shot. We’ll probably mix the trail run with a weekend away, since it’s over Memorial Day.

Additionally, I’m running the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in Washington DC in April. BB can’t run that one, but we have a bunch of friends who are. I’m going to try to really push and see how hard I can go. I think I can break 90 minutes. We’ll see. It’ll be after the Virginia Beach half where we’re hoping to break two hours, which is a 9:07 pace. That is crazy fast for me. I’m incredibly excited about giving it a shot.

I won’t be unhappy if I miss it though. Just means more to shoot for as time goes by. I’m lucky to run. I’m lucky to be fit enough to do anything. I’m lucky to be alive. I feel so much gratitude just to have the opportunity do go and do these exciting things with someone I love. To have a purpose that goes along with all the work I do to stay fit these days. It means a lot to me to keep trying.

Today the weather is perfect for running: cool, overcast, low humidity. I have my AA men’s meeting tonight, where I’ll get my 8 year coin. But first I’m going to run. I feel like 10K is in order, maybe even a fast 10K. I’ve been running fewer miles this winter, compared with summer and fall, and it’s time to get back into the thick of it. My gym work has me strong, but I need the running to stay fit and (my version of) lean.

So off I go. Time to get in to those 25 mile weeks again. Time to run.

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