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A Long Ride.

4 March 2016

Yesterday I rode my bike 28.9 miles. That’s a long way, and a long time to be on a bike. It took about two hours and ten minutes. I haven’t ridden that far since I was about 15 years old. And it was after a 4.1 mile run. I’m feeling fitter and fitter. It feels really good to be able to ride that kind of distance for fun, and to actually enjoy it. Even though my butt really started hurting after about 20 miles. I like that I’m to a point where pain from exercise doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the effort.

I’m not really a bicyclist. I don’t know (or care) how to fix one. I don’t understand how a derailleur works and I don’t want to learn. I can’t replace a flat tire, so I don’t even bring a spare with me. I suspect there are ways I could learn these things. I have no ambition to do so. But I do like getting on my bike, and riding it out on the trails around ECC. There are a lot of beautiful places to ride, and I’m excited to be able to.

I am discovering, though, why cyclists have such awesome torsos. I’m not sore, exactly, but my arms, chest, and core are deeply fatigued from the ride. Holding yourself up and gripping the handlebars gives you a good, steady clench that exhausts you after a while. I spent a long time in the jacuzzi after that.

Today I’m supposed to run but I’ve been eating cupcakes instead. I don’t know if I have the energy. I’ve been really kicking up my fitness the last few weeks. More time, harder efforts. I’ve added in a rowing machine to build up upper body endurance. It’s hard. But it feels good to be making increased strides. It’s hard to stay fit when you’re 41.

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  1. 4 March 2016 15:22

    Well done! That’s amazing! I’m a fitness blogger on here too!

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