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The Next Race.

14 March 2016

Sunday, BB and I will lace up our shoes (but not too tight… never lace your shoes too tight) for the Virginia Beach half-marathon. We did this one last year too. I’m excited for it. It’s a flat, fast course with great support. I’m a little worried about the weather, which is currently listed as expecting a thunderstorm in the middle of the race. But weather forecasts a week in advance aren’t exactly reliable. And if there’s a storm, well, we run in the storm. I can survive that.

If the weather is better than that, then I feel like there’s a chance for BB and I to set a new personal record. Last year at VB, we ran a 2:05:03. Three months ago at Philly, we ran 2:02:15. I’m hoping for good weather, good legs, and a realistic shot at 1:59:59. Can we do it? Dunno. If we don’t or can’t, no big deal. Hell, if we run a 2:15:00, no big deal. I’m just thrilled to be alive to run. But I would definitely feel proud of a personal record and breaking two hours.

This is our first 13.1 of 53 race miles scheduled for the spring. I’m excited and I’m ready to get out on a course again. I’ve had a good winter training for this. I’ve been running, I’ve been on the bike. I’ve been in the gym a lot, working on strength and endurance. I’m feeling fit, strong, and ready. It’s a good time to go run.

I’m especially proud of us, for having really followed through on a commitment we made to ourselves and each other about 18 months ago. We said we would stay “half-marathon fit”. Meaning that if we had the sudden opportunity to run a half marathon in a week’s time, we could do it. Basically, I wanted to be able to roll out of bed in the morning and run 13 miles if I felt like it. And we’ve done that. For the past year and a half, we’ve been half-marathon fit.

What a difference. What a life.

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