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16 March 2016

I wish we had one planned. Life has been absurdly busy lately with travel for work, the racing schedule, and trying to sell my house. And that’s not mentioning various things that don’t get mentioned here. Suffice to say, the sorts of things that consume the lives of childless adults are consuming mine, and I’m feeling overstimulated and distracted a lot. My anxiety is relenting a bit, but as long as I own this house it’ll always be at a baseline trying level.

I want a vacation, and so does BB. We have a few destinations in mind. Argentina. Bulgaria. There are some more exotic locales I’d like to consider too. Astana. Tashkent. Uttrakhand. Gabarone. But those are less likely. One place I’d love to go that’s not so exotic but is very difficult to get to is the Faroe Islands. A week there, far from civilization of any kind, running sheep tracks in the wilderness seems delightful, doesn’t it?

But realistically, we don’t get to plan anything until early summer at the soonest. With a number of complicated things in flux, it’s hard to identify a good time to travel. We may just have to make a decision and hit it. Pick a week, and go and to hell with the consequences. Life is short, and taking time for ourselves to explore the world matters to us.

We went to Paris for a very short, whirlwindy trip in November. Prior to that our last trip, to Spain, was more than a year ago now. So we just picked a week in June, and we’re going to go somewhere far away and relax in a foreign place. Run and eat and experience another culture or two and see what there is to see in another new land. And I’ll add to my tattoo with another new country.

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  1. 21 March 2016 12:37

    Your travels are so exotic!

  2. Syd permalink
    27 March 2016 12:49

    I am wanting to get away to an exotic locale too. Maybe go back to Mexico or to Cuba.

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