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Two and a Half Weeks.

6 July 2016

It is less than three weeks until my triathlon, and I feel like my fitness is there to finish the race. I hope so, anyway. I can do the full distance in each of the events, and I can do the bike/run brick. Add the swim, boom. Ought to be doable. I’m only worried about one thing.

The heat.

I overheat easily, and I sweat a lot when it’s hot. Right now it’s in the mid 90s in the afternoons. There’s no reason to believe that July 24th will be substantially cooler. This is the East Coast in summer. It gets hot. It stays hot. It might be 85 degrees by 11 am on the day of the race, just as I’m getting ready to run.

If it’s that hot – the current forecast for the day has a high of 85 for whatever that’s worth this far out – it will be a long difficult slog. I mean, it was always going to be a long difficult slog. But it might be a nauseating trudge, rather than a challenging swim/bike/run. I don’t want to hate it. But I’m not afraid of it being hard.

I am afraid of not pacing well, running too fast, getting sick and being unable to finish. I’m thinking about a hydration pack, so I’ll have water handy for the entire run. I am worried about looking a little silly being the only dud with a hydration pack for the run. But I guess it doesn’t matter if I look silly if I can finish. Crossing the finish line is all that matters.

While I have incorporated a few speed goals into my running – I am very proud of breaking two hours for the half-marathon – mostly, I am all about collecting finishes. Grabbing another medal to hang on my wall, and another race run with BB and another experience of pushing myself and not breaking.

And you know what? Maybe I break this time. If you never fail, then you never pushed yourself to the limit. If I never fail, I didn’t take on big enough challenges in life. I can’t promise to finish everything. But I’m someone who starts things. I try. I engage. I assume risk and confront hardship.

And I usually find a way to finish. And I think I will this time too. I hope so. But this is one of the bigger challenges yet. And I don’t know what’s going to happen. But whatever happens, giving up without trying won’t be the result. I’m going to go fight for the finish line. I’m going to go try.

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  1. Aimee permalink
    6 July 2016 09:56

    I like your attitude. I’m
    Sure you’ll finish. If you don’t take a hydration pack, can friends hand you water bottles along the way? If not, then yeah, I’d take the pack. How is BB feeling?

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