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Marathon Training Day One.

2 August 2016

Well, day one is in the books with a fast-ish (for summer) four mile run in a touch less than 40 minutes. A 9:53 pace that felt fast to me. I run much, much slower in the summer. The heat just saps my strength, and my legs feel wooden and dead. Once the cooler weather comes back, I’m sure I’ll have no trouble doing this run in the 35-37 minutes it usually takes me. But for today, I’ll be happy with it.

I had to abort my long run over the weekend. The humidity and a foul mood worked against me from the beginning and I just quit after 2.8 miles. Walked home in a funk. My mood hasn’t been great these past few weeks, and I suppose that’s understandable given everything going on, but I’m still just feeling grumpy and uckled.

I’ve worked out a training plan that is about 65 miles shorter than last year. When training to finish, rather than for a time goal, and when you’re as slow as I am, all those miles pile up. If I could run seven minute miles, I could put in 50 mile weeks and really train for pace. But when my top speed on a short run is about 8:30, and on a longer run 10:00, well, putting in even a 40 mile week takes a long, long time. So I shaved some distance.

My hope is that it keeps my legs a little fresher, doesn’t leave me constantly starving, and helps me run the 26.2 a few minutes faster than last year. Last year, we came in right at an 11:25 pace for the marathon. This year, if we broke 11 min/mi, it would represent a large increase in fitness and time. That feels like a very achievable goal.

But as always, my goal is to finish, with BB beside me. To run the whole way. To cross the finish line uninjured, and then eat a pile of pancakes.

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  1. Aimee permalink
    2 August 2016 09:48

    It’s “ookled.”

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