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House Selling Progress.

18 August 2016

An adorable young couple has made, and I have accepted, an offer on my home in St. Louis. I’m losing money. The St. Louis housing market never really recovered from the big recession, and I’m going to be getting back about 85% of what I paid for the home. That’s ok. I can afford the loss, and if you think of it in dollar terms, along with the upgrades I put into the home, it means I paid roughly $700/mo to live in the house. That’s quite reasonable.

Of course there’s still a lot to do and have done. Inspections, appraisals, etc. etc.. I will have to have a few additional repairs made, I’m sure. Hopefully nothing extensive or invasive. And then I will stop owning that home and start owning a small pile of cash instead. I might buy a car. But I’m most likely to simply invest the rest toward retirement. And then I’ll be finished with my life in St. Louis. Which makes me a little sad.

Maybe I’ll come back for the marathon in the spring.

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  1. Aimee permalink
    19 August 2016 00:02

    Oh I liked that house very much. And the neighborhood. When you did your math, did you figure in the rental income?

  2. Syd permalink
    5 September 2016 09:04

    Another door closes, but that seems to be okay. Good about the house.

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