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The Spring Racing Season.

31 August 2016

Well, my fall races haven’t even really begun and the spring racing season is almost upon us. To get the bibs you want, for lots of races you need to be paying attention and sign up six to nine months in advance. For example, I looked at the London Marathon and it’s been sold out for months already.

BB and I have decided to shift to a spring full marathon, because I just can’t train through the summer and maintain my fitness. It’s too hot, I’m too lazy. Also, that will allow me to get my triathlon in in the fall, when the summer runs are shorter and the bike is doable in the heat.

So we signed up for a little community marathon deep in Amish country in April. Should be a nice temp, the training through the winter will be lovely, and it will be a gorgeous rural race. We’re staying in a little bed and breakfast. It’s a Saturday race so we’re looking forward to a nice weekend away with a long run.

Getting fit for a marathon is a big task. And doing so while battling heat is even bigger. I’m looking forward to being able to do so without feeling like I’m running in a sauna.


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