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Final Tune Up.

16 September 2016

Yesterday was my last tune up before the half marathon on Sunday. I ran well. A one-mile warm up at 11:28, and then 5.15 miles in about 46 minutes, for an 8:56 pace. It was nice to run hard and feel good, even though my quads and glutes were burning the whole time. It was all helped by 78 degree weather and dry, breezy air. That always makes it nicer to run hard.

Now, 8:56, if I could keep it up, would destroy my personal best half-marathon time of 1:59:42. But I do not expect to be able to keep it up. I don’t even expect to start out at that pace. The race starts at 0730, and it is supposed to be 71 degrees and almost 100% humidity. It’s the humidity that kills me. If I can’t shed heat, the temperature isn’t as important.

This race is not about trying for speed. It’s not about trying to set a record or place well. This is all about just having fun, challenging ourselves, breaking up the monotony of marathon training, collecting a medal, and eating pancakes. I’m excited for the race and hopeful that the last seven weeks of serious training will have me ready to run well.

The last two weeks especially I have felt good. Fitter, able to challenge myself. Able to turn in some good times even in afternoon heat. Ten-minute miles at 90 degrees is indicative of pretty good fitness for me. Come marathon time, when I have to run for four and a half plus hours, it’ll be cool and hopefully dry. I should be able to run a long way at maybe 11:00 or 10:45. I hope.

I’m satisfied that my fitness is returning from a summer when I just didn’t get as much running in as I needed to to stay in peak form. That’s ok. I accomplished different things and I think it helped me avoid some burnout. I’m learning to set goals for my fitness that keep me entertained in addition to keeping me fit and diabetes-free. That’s the goal. Fit. Diabetes free. Able to do the things in life I love to do.

Here we go.

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