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A Decent Run.

28 September 2016

Yesterday, feeling a trifle under the weather and woefully deficient in my running fitness, I canceled my gym workout and went for a run. I needed a long midweek run, I needed to prove to myself that my fitness isn’t as bad as it’s felt lately, and I needed to challenge myself in a bid way to jumpstart the second half of my marathon training. And I feel like I scored hits on most of that.

The weather was perfect. 75 degrees, breezy, and very low humidity. I grabbed a 20oz water bottle, crammed a peanut butter bar down, and went out. I did a warm-up mile at 10:12, and then two miles fast, at 8:35 and 8:50. A rest mile at 10:40, a fast mile at 8:30, and then two more sets like that. 11:44, 8:50, 11:42, 9:08. So fundamentally an interval workout, but strangely shaped and with very long intervals.

I jacked my heart rate up as high as 192, which is too high. A 42 year old man’s maximum is supposed to be around 178. I don’t know if it’s good or bad that I can run mine up higher and hold it there for several minutes while I run a fast mile. But I know that working hard ought to improve my endurance and my fitness in the long run.

Nine miles without calories or more than 20oz of water, at an average pace of 9:48, on a day that, while very good weather, was still a touch warm. And I’m sick. So I’m improving. I have the capabilities to run hard for a long time. I just need to get my consistency up, and power through my really long runs. Everything is mental: the body will perform if I can just convince myself it has to.

So I’m working at it. the refreshing thing is that my weight seems to be down a bit: I actually managed to lose a few pounds while in Italy. The conference food was spare and sparse, and I walked and ran about 60 miles. Though I think a good bit of my weight loss is actually dehydration.

Mostly, I’m just happy to be basically back on track, have some verification that my fitness is deeply affected by the weather, and look forward to a good long run this weekend when hopefully it will be in the low 60s.

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