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Stir Crazy.

29 December 2016

I’ve barely done any exercise in the past three weeks. I’ve been resting my knee, and traveling. Eating like bear before winter. I’ve gained about 10 pounds, making me the heaviest I’ve been in several years. I’ve been using all my exercise as an excuse to eat whatever I want. That’s fine when I’m running 5,000 calories a week. But when I’m sitting on my ass all day, it’s not so good.

I hired a coach to give me training plans and advice, support, while I train for my next marathon and my half-Ironman races this year. I’m eager to start. I finally went to the gym yesterday and did a good workout that has left me feeling pleasantly sore this morning. I was pleased that I was able to do 5 chin-ups in a row. That’s only one off my max. So my strength hasn’t gone.

I just feel like I need to get moving again. But I want to give my knee as much relief as I can before marathon training starts this weekend. It starts easy, with a little 4-5 mile run on Saturday. Still waiting to get the training plan from my coach, but we’re looking at a tempo run Monday, easy run Wednesday, hill training Thursday, and the long run Saturday.

Tuesday will be cross training and cycling. Sunday will be cross training, maybe swimming sometimes. Friday, as always, is rest. I’m looking forward to getting back out there, hopeful my knee will hold up, and excited for some new challenges. I’m also scared and have to plan to work harder than I’ve ever worked. It will be expensive too: coaching, gym, equipment, etc., is going to end up costing me like $600/mo. The entry fees to the races alone are up around $800 total, not counting travel and accommodation. That’s a lot of money to spend, and I’m grateful I have the option.

So I’m excited for the new year while being a bit nervous about my fitness and weight and metabolism. I’m scared to test my fasting glucose until I’ve worked out regularly for a month again. But I know I’m doing the best that I can. Maybe not the best that can be done, but the best that I can, to be healthy.

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