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Small Charities to Support.

14 February 2017

Hi. I’m going to highlight some small charities doing good work in local environments. If you know of one in your area that accepts online donations, let me know about it. No rules for what they do except: they must be committed to improving social justice and communities in their own areas. I’ll post about my favorites. So: health clinics, shelters, community gardens, recovery organizations, you name it.

Today: Puentes de Salud, a charity in Philadelphia that provides health, wellness, art, and social support to Latino immigrants. Supporting immigrant communities will be more crucial than ever in the coming times. This organization provides much-needed support to a marginalized population that deserves better. If you can donate (and I donate $100 to every single charity I promote here), please do so here: DONATE.

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  1. 14 February 2017 15:57

    I donate to, and
    Volunteer for, Community to Community Development, here in Bellingham. They have a number of activities, but they all revolve around empowering Immigrant farmworkers. The head of C2C, Rosalinda Guillen, was herself a
    Migrant farmworker and grew up with the UFW movement. She learned
    Organizing straight from Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. One
    If the things I love about C2C is that they are all about helping communities organize themselves to effect change. Under C2C tutelage, local farmworkers succeeded in forming the first farmworker union since the UFW, nearly 60 years ago. C2C also teaches how to form legal co-ops and small
    Collectives, and has an emphasis on mentoring female leaders. I will see if I can find a link to donate online.

  2. 15 February 2017 02:19

    Great idea Dr 24hours.

    I have volunteered and raised funds for a mens rehab in Kent near me called the Kenwood trust. They provide in patient treatment for addicts who couldn’t afford other rehabs. Often those with history of homelessness or incarceration.

    Also as a family we regularly support Demelza House a hospice for children providing end of life and respite care for life limited conditions.

  3. pyrope permalink
    16 February 2017 04:43

    I’m game – matched you.

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