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A Random 5K Race.

17 February 2017

This weekend BB and I are running in a random 5K race. For my readers who aren’t runners, that’s a 3.1 mile road race. The weather in ECC is unseasonably warm, but not hot (it’s expected to be in the low 60s this weekend for the highs) and the race-time temperature should be in the mid 40s. Perfect speed weather.

I don’t know anything about the organization putting it on. It’s held at a high school about an hour away. I haven’t run a 5K since November of 2014. So it should be fun to strap on those legs for a try again. My personal record at this distance is 24:39, which I don’t expect to touch Sunday. If I do anything like sub-27 it’ll be a great run.

But I also have a 45 minute run today, and a 10-12 mile run tomorrow. So the race will be after two days of hard workouts. Therefore, I’m not really setting any important expectations. Basically it’s a chance to get up early on a Sunday, drive out to the far distant suburbs, and run like hell for a few minutes and then get pancakes.

I like that I can do those things today, as I start my tenth year of sobriety.

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