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14 April 2017

Hopefully the disruption is over for now. I haven’t actually changed hosting sites yet, I just ended up screwing things up. But luckily I was able to get it all back. I think. For now. I’ll try again when I can muster more mental energy.

I’m tired and sore and exhausted. I am not performing particularly well at work, and I am not interested in fixing it. I’m becoming a bit slogged by my boss. She’s not very good at clarity. She knows it and works on it, but it still leaves me not knowing what she wants from me. I fall on the other side: without an extremely clear picture of what’s expected, I can feel adrift.

Training is going reasonably well. I was very pleased to run 4 miles at a 9 minute pace after a nearly 16 mile ride at 15 mph. I’m hoping to get my bike speed to 16 mph for the race, but that’s a tall order for a 56 mile ride. I’ll just have to see what I can do when the time comes.

Mostly I’m looking forward to a break. I want to take a lot of time off and rest. I really want to take a sabbatical of three months or something. Write a book or take on a different problem. Train harder and get some rest.

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  1. 14 April 2017 09:04

    Sounds like it’s time for a vacation?

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