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Want Me to Come Talk?

24 April 2017

I have a vacation coming up. I’m taking May 13-29 off for my first 2+ week vacation in three years. I travel a lot, but often on a short time frame (our trip to Hong Kong was about 118 hours including 32 hours of flights). Recently, trips that felt a bit like vacations also involved a big working component. My trips to Rome and Saskatoon were both for conferences where I was giving talks.

This time, it’s a real vacation, but our flights are May 18-29. That gives me a full five days at the beginning to do whatever I want. BB will still be working, and so I’m looking to do something solo, and have fun. I would love to go give a talk somewhere. So, do you have a need for a speaker and a venue? Are you interested in having me come speak? I’ll even pay my own way.

Potential topics:

  1. Alcoholism and Recovery
  2. Computer Simulation (applied, not theoretical)
  3. Hospital Operations – using computer simulation
  4. Public Health – using computer simulation
  5. Health/Public Policy – using computer simulation
  6. Gender and Racial Bias in Peer Review – using computer simulation
  7. How to Build a Pretend Academic Career

You may get the feeling that mostly I can talk about computer simulation. This is because applied computer simulation is really the only think I’m an expert in from a professional perspective. But I’d be happy to talk about alcoholism as well. Or academic careerism from the outside.

Just a thought. If you’re interested in arranging an audience and a venue (need an emergency Grand Rounds fill-in?) I’d be happy to come blather for an hour. Monday or Tuesday the 15th or 16th of May.

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  1. 25 April 2017 19:53

    I really want to hear the “How to build a pretend academic career” talk. I don’t know how you would know because you certainly do NOT have a PRETEND academic career. You are funny. I wish there was something in Denver/Boulder for you to come to.

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