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Travel Recap and a New Endeavor!

30 May 2017

Wow. I’ve been on some great trips in my life, but this was a great trip. Northern Italy was magnificent, and Slovenia was like a perfect gem. We did so much I can’t begin to explain it all. We flew into Venice, spent two days wandering the canals (and dodging armor-piercing mosquitoes). From there, we went to Lake Bled in Slovenia, a stunning little town nestled in the southern Alps. Describing it is a fool’s errand. It looks like heaven would look if it were designed by Bob Ross.

From Bled we went to Ljubljana, the charming and intimate capital city of Slovenia. Thence to Vicenza, a smallish town in northern Italy entirely designed by Andrea Palladio in the 1500s. Stunning architecture. We hiked around in vineyards and ate so much gelato. After Vicenza we went to Bergamo, a city on a hill surrounded by 16th century walls still entirely intact.

From there we returned to Venice and home. I can’t begin to explain all the amazing things we saw. And of course we ate some amazing things too. We ate at both Antica Osteria Cera, and El Coq. Michelin-starred restaurants in Venice and Vicenza, respectively. Incredible food. The first bite I had at Antica, a bruschetta with roasted tomato and mozzarella, was probably the best thing I’ll ever eat in my entire life. Stunning. Revelatory. Astounding.

Pictures will never do this trip justice. But BB and I have created a new social media experiment for you to follow, when we travel. It’s called “Rocco and Fetti Travel the World“, on Instagram. Please head over there to see some great pics from our traveling companions. They’ll be with us every time we travel, and I’ll be filling in some pics from previous trips as time goes by. Follow them, if you will, to keep up with us as we journey around the world.

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  1. 30 May 2017 07:32

    Looks like a wonderful trip!

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