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Five Weeks.

14 August 2017

Well, I have five weeks until the biggest race of my life. Certainly up until now. Possibly from now until forever. I would be lying if I said I felt ready. But I had a good training week this week. The only major problem is that it’s been at least a month since I had a good long swim. My last several swims have been cut short due to cold, and rage. The pool has been so overcrowded and annoying that I haven’t been able to get in good workouts.

Luckily, the swim is the part I’m least worried about. A 1.2 mile swim is a long way, but it’s not the huge daunting distance for me I know it is for some. Tonight I’m supposed to swim 2400 meters. I’ll do my best to get it in and have it mean something. That’s after a 1 hour tempo run, which will just be a 1 hour run. In the heat, for me, “tempo” just means “whatever pace allows you to keep going the whole time.”

But my past week was a good week for training. The weather has been agreeable, and my fitness is at least nominal. I had a good 10 mile run, a hard 30 mile bike ride on a mountain bike on a wet dirt/gravel trail. I did a 12.5 mile ride/5 mile run brick. And I did a good hard 10 km run. I also threw in a couple days of strength training.

My X-wing has been out getting repaired. Now it’s back and I have a 50 mile ride tomorrow. The longest since I was about 13. I’m excited to do it. There’s something amazing about riding a bicycle 50 miles. It’ll take me more than three hours and leave me exhausted and sore. And I’ll be thrilled to have succeeded at it.

This is the time I have to really buckle down and do the work. I am by nature a procrastinator. But you can’t procrastinate fitness. It takes time to develop it. It’s not like I can wait until the week before the race, do a hard swim, a hard ride, and a hard run and my body will just go, “Ah, yes. We need to be in good shape now. GO!” I have to build slowly.

I’ve been doing that. But I’ve also been eating too much and I find myself in decent fitness but significantly overweight. I want to try to lose some of the weight before the race so I’m not dragging extra around with me the whole distance. Losing weight while building fitness is really hard, because running and biking and swimming long distances all make you really hungry.

So I have to figure out a better way to eat and train at the same time. But if I have to pick one, the one to pick is training.

I really am nervous. It’s going to be a long, hard day. I’m going to be really challenged by this. I think I’ve got it inside me to do this. But if the day ends up defeating me, well, I’ll have given it what I’ve got. After a week like last week, I feel like there’s a chance that what I’ve got will be enough.

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  1. 14 August 2017 12:21

    I have complete confidence in you! If you ever work out the food/exercise thing, write a book. We all need to know how that works.

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