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The Next Steps.

4 September 2017

I’ve been reached out to by an academic hospital, not MECMC. I sent them my resumé in response to an advertised position for a new Quality Director. They reached out with some additional questions. They’re narrowing down an interview list. I’m hoping to be on it.

I’ve been thinking about what my next steps are. What do I want? My dream of being the director of advanced engineering at MECMC is feeling more and more remote. My boss is a good boss. But she doesn’t seem enthusiastic about advancing my career. At least, not according to the visions that I have.

So I ask myself. What’s next? Do I want more administrative responsibility? Do I want to be an executive? Where are my best options for growth and impact? What mark do I want to leave on healthcare? Is it arrogant to think I can even have one?

I feel like I have a reasonably impressive resumé at this point. But it’s full of heavily academic accomplishments. I have been consciously trying to expand my experience along the management track. I’ve taken short courses in management. I’ve published papers in management journals.

But am I a director? That starts to get into serious responsibility.  Accountability for hospital-wide initiatives. Accreditation. Liasing with governments and hospital membership organizations. Administrative bureaucracy on a logarithmic scale.

I’m a lazy person.  I barely work 20 hours a week most weeks. If that. Being a director would require many more hours, and it would mean mostly abandoning the subject matter expertise that has been the hallmark of my competence for the past 20 years.

But it would also mean having a much larger footprint on an organization. A much larger ability to influence how care is provided. To design and implement programs designed to make lives better. Patients’ lives. Employees’ lives.

It would likely also mean a much larger paycheck. Though it’s hard to know for sure. MECMC is an enormous, wealthy institution and the hospital I applied to is neither, to my knowledge. I am satisfied with my compensation at my current job, but like most people, I’d take more if I could get it

So I have a lot of thinking to do.


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  1. 5 September 2017 09:10

    Oh, I have so many questions… is it a large department? Would you be supervising a lot of people? Who would you report to? – that tells you a lot about how important the hospital really thinks “quality” is. If you have a hospital that isn’t invested, it will be like pushing rope, and very very frustrating. And humbling. But can be so exciting!

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