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Six Days.

11 September 2017

Well, I have done all the things. This week I have small, short maintenance runs and rides to keep up my fitness and rest up before the big race Sunday. I’m fit. I’m as ready as I’m going to get. And I’m nervous. but not so nervous as to be concerned. I can do this, I think. It’ll just be hard.

And it may be harder than I’d hoped. Currently, the weather is projected to be about as bad as it can be for me on a race day: 70 degrees and 99% humidity. That’s the temperature and conditions I wilt in. And it’s a long day to risk wilting. I sweat too much, it doesn’t cool me because it won’t evaporate, and I overheat and dehydrate.

If the weather is like that all day during the race, there’s a good chance I end up walking a lot of the half-marathon, simply due to core temperature and hydration issues. If that’s what I have to do, then that’s what I have to do. It’ll be a long, ugly day. But that’s what it is. I can only be as good as I can be.

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