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23 October 2017

I had a good fitness week. I ran 22 miles, and went to the gym once. The runs were all very good. I did tempo runs for short distances during the week, turning in sub-9 minute miles and feeling pushed but good. Then BB and I did a 10 mile long run on Saturday morning in glorious 55 degree weather at about 10 minutes per mile. Until mile 10, when we torched it for an 8:31. That felt good to be able to do.

On Sunday, BB and I drove out to a local park and went trail running. We did about 4.2 miles on some hilly terrain with a few reasonably technical areas, but for the most part, the tracks were all mountain-bikable, so not too terribly challenging. We could run the whole way, no hiking. Though trail running is always slower than road running, and we took nearly an hour for the four mile run. We climbed more than 620 feet on the run, and went back down just as far.

We learned some cool things about the watches we recently bought. They have very cool internal compass features that will lead you back to the start on a trail run, so it’s harder to get lost. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good. And it warns you if you get too far off track with a buzz. It’s a nice feature for running in unfamiliar cities as well, which is something we also do.

Speaking of unfamiliar cities, there’s a chance I’ll be moving. An institution in another city is considering making me an offer. If there were a chance for BB and I to be together, I’d jump at it. These things take time though, and I’m hopeful but I’m not making any plans yet. A lot of dominoes would have to fall just right. But I’m very hopeful. I’d love to live with my partner, and get a dog, and not have to travel for six hours of every weekend.

All in all things are looking good but I feel like I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to try cohabitating again. I’m ready to move if that’s what happens. I’m ready to step forward again in my life. And I feel stale in my city and my job.

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  1. Aimee permalink
    23 October 2017 11:32

    Got my fingers crossed for you.

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