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Philadelphia Half-Marathon Tomorrow!

17 November 2017

Tomorrow morning in the cold and possibly damp, BB and I will be shrugging on our chilly-weather running gear and heading out to run 13.1 miles across Philadelphia. This will be the fourth time we’ve run this event. Three times the half, and last year the full. We enjoy the event, and it’s a good lead-in to the winter running season.

As I know I’ve written many times, I hate running in the heat. And even more, I hate running in humidity. My body just collapses when I get warm and then sweating doesn’t cool me. I end up dehydrating and then my HR races and I have to walk. It sucks. It is somewhat fitness dependent in the sense that when I’m running 100 miles a month in the summer it seems to happen less than when I’m running 50. But not much.

So I’m always super happy when winter rolls around and I’m able to go run in 40 degree weather – or colder – and run faster and harder without succumbing to hyperhydrosis.

Tomorrow we are not running for speed. It’s been a crazy week or two, and we haven’t gotten great training in. We’ve done our long runs, but mid-week runs have been a little sparse. So we’re just going to head out there, jog for a little over two hours, and then go have pancakes. It’s not that dissimilar from a lot of Saturdays except we’ll get a medal.

I love doing this with my partner. It’s an exciting and fun and relationship-building to be able to go and run and enjoy our time chatting and building fitness together. And that lets us eat at fancy restaurants while maintaining capability and metabolic vigor. I’m looking forward to starting to run more trails and explore more challenging environments than just the flat river path all the time.

So here we go. This will be something like my 15th half-marathon in the past four years. And that’s something I can’t even begin to imagine considering my life before. It’s like a fairytale.

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